Delivering nourishing, fresh and delicious homemade meals for busy individuals and families across Toronto.

Feel good about your food choices by eating healthy, local and sustainable meals prepared nutritionally and delivering in creativity and taste. An affordable solution to your meal planning struggles.

Choose from a weekly menu of vegetarian and naturally raised meat mains; nutrient and fiber dense salads, sides and breakfast options to meet your families daily and weekly nutritional needs.

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Service Includes:

  • Freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner options to last the week.
  • Meals prepared and delivered fresh (never frozen) to your home or office in glass re-usable, recyclable and compostable containers.
  • Free Delivery in Toronto
  • Most of our menu is Dairy and Gluten Free, or can be easily modified to meet your dietary restrictions.

Nutritionally prepared meals:

  • Antibiotic and hormone free meats from Ontario small farms.
  • Local and seasonal produce wherever possible.
  • Gelatin rich Homemade soup stocks using bones from healthy and naturally raised animals from small local farmers.
  • Pastured eggs and organic milk and yogurt.
  • High quality pantry ingredients (coconut, olive, sesame & sunflower oils, local butter, fermented vinegars, raw seeds & nuts, fresh herbs & spices, unrefined sea salt, etc).
  • Everything is made from scratch. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients and no refined sugars are used.
  • No GMO soy, corn, etc used. Tempeh is sourced from ‘Culture City’ in Toronto.

To order, e-mail: your menu choices.

Click HERE to see next week’s menu

Approximate Cost:

  • Large packages (2-4 people): $260.00 for a bulk order
  • Medium packages (1-2 people): $160.00 for a bulk order
  • Minimum order for Free Delivery: $100.00
  • One time returnable packaging deposit: $40.00

Posted on Monday July 21, 2014 by Kerri Cooper